PRINCE: No R I P from me…

 1. Denial/Isolation

The first reaction to learning of terminal illness or death of a cherished loved one is to deny the reality of the situation. It is a normal reaction to rationalize overwhelming emotions. It is a defense mechanism that buffers the immediate shock. We block out the words and hide from the facts. This is a temporary response that carries us through the first wave of pain.

I’m perfectly happy with staying right here at stage 1. To acknowledge that Prince Rogers Nelson has….what everyone is saying, what his so called publicist announced, “passed away”, I would first have to admit or allow my brain to process that he was/is a mortal, mere flesh and blood and that does not make any sense whatsoever. Nope, no way…He transcends this musical world.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Prince is a capital G god but more like a little g, musical god and like the Greek mythical gods of Mount Music Olympus, they’re/he’s invincible. Now before you say these are the rantings of a crazy grief stricken fan, that I need help, I may agree, but that’s what I believe.


Prince along with his musical life partner, Michael Jackson, musically raised me…do you understand what that means?!? The complete soundtrack of MY LIFE here people!!! My whole musical childhood!! Hello!!!

MJ was my sensitive musical guardian, he gave me “Butterflies”. I remember laying in my bed nursing a broken heart while he told me over and over how I was the lady in his life. When I felt a little scared, he gave me advice on how to be “Bad”. I could go on and on and on but Prince…

Prince was “is” my realist musical guardian. He tells me like it T I iz.. He broke down this thing called Life. I may have been too young to understand but he explained the relationship between Darlin Nikki and him and I learned all about the doves and the bees.

Today, April 21, 2016, some unknown publicist, TMZ and CNN all trying to get me to believe that my musical guardian, who’s music formed and fashioned my very musical soul did something mortal and finite like “die”? Not possible.

Ok, so for what ever reason Prince needed to have this announcement made. He felt a little under the weather last week so he wanted more privacy….maybe? He’s taking a break? I don’t know but I believe he’s watching from an undisclosed location, not realizing or thinking about how painful his disappearance would be to the world and as much as he may want to show up at an unknown venue for an impromptu concert to let his fans know that he’s ok, he knows that it’s best that he transcend. That’s my story…(and I’m sticking to it like glue)

Social media feeds on a R.I.P. There is a fascination with this acronym that I will never understand. The news media goes into an instant frenzy, trying to be the first outlet to announce the R.I.P. and popping up memes and memorials so very quickly. But then, as quickly as the frenzy began, it fizzles. The media moves on to the next R.I.P. or the Kardashians.

Here it is a day later and I’m still waiting for purple clouds, rain or angels to confirm the transition of Prince. The frenzy has subsided. Social media seemed to reduce Prince’s little g status to that of grieving a simple mortal celebrity headline story. I REFUSE….

So instead Prince I will say I respect your privacy and your need to disappear. Thank you for raising me like the great musical guardian you are, you’ve done an awesome job! Adore…

Absolut Bey LEMONADE

I watched LEMONADE at least 10 times, each time I saw something different but then I noticed this! Did you catch it?!? Of course you did. I’m slow, must be the Absolut.

I thought I knew where I was going with my 2cents about LEMONADE but I’m drawing a blank after catching the name of the bat. Stores were selling out of Louisiana Hot and Tabasco everywhere after hearing Formation and here we find out she’s really talking about being ready to beat a side chick down? Bust the windows out his car? Alrighty then.

Added a little Lemonade to my workout playlist….I’m pumped!

Ok back to my interpretation…

During my first look at LEMONADE, I was in complete shock and caught a little off guard. My kids weren’t home, I was alone but looking around like do you see this?!?? I tried to keep up with Twitter. I needed to know I wasn’t the only one shaking and rocking back n forth. 

WTHeck is going on? 

Are we being told something?  Pray You Catch Me “you can taste the dishonesty, it’s all over your breath” 

Are we finding out more than we needed to know about her marriage? Hold Up hold up they don’t love you like I love you, slow down they don’t love you like I love you” 

 (they? as in more than one woman?)

“What worse looking jealous or crazy?”

(I pick crazy)

Don’t Hurt Yourself “you aint married to no average b*^tch boy”

Prose interlude: They have that jewelry box music in a lot of scary movies. Freaks me out but adds to the eariness so nicely….“Ashes to Ashes, dust to side chicks”

Can somebody find out if Jay Z is still alive? Sorry ” I ain’t thinkin’ boutchu….middle fingers up, tell him boy bye” Do we need to call Tyrone to come get Becky? she may be in danger

I’m not quite sure. I needed a moment to think when it was over. 

So now that I’ve taken a moment to sort out my own emotions and to check Twitter, I’m ready to watch again.

Through fresh eyes and a little more Absolut, I’m seeing things a little differently. Another 36 min + and I would have needed popcorn and a large coke. I was seeing….Oculus, the Ring…Eve’s Bayou….The Princess and the Frog….just to name a few. 

I was getting Def Poetry Jam, mood lighting, snaps instead of claps…

I could feel the emotion in the journey through each phase….Intuition, Denial, Anger, Apathy, Emptiness, Accountability, Reformation, Forgivenesses, Resurrection, Hope and Redemption.

When you’ve personally taken this journey, you are familiar with its origin..a place so deep, so dark and painful. There are eleven layers portrayed, however, when someone you love to your core hurts you, there are so many more possible layers that one can uncover. 

Sooooo, I expected a music video, maybe a documentary of some sort but what I witnessed was a cinematically stunning work of visual musical art, flawless. With a killer emotional outline, it flowed like a well written term paper. A+

The jury is still out. 

Did she open up Pandora’s box? 

Do we now know? Or do we think we know? 

I’m not sure and frankly I don’t care….

I respect an artist that’s not afraid to share a part of themself that leaves them exposed and vulnerable to the world. If it provokes a movement, conversation, and/or change, then mission accomplished. 

Like a Picasso or Van Gogh, she collaborated with other artists and together they painted a musical portrait with raw emotions as canvas and prose as color to create significant and powerful images that will forever be etched in history. #blackgirlmagic

I honor the creation. 

(and I’m getting into shape, score!)

***As I move through my own stages of grief about Prince, I’m at Anger. How dare you make yourself a mortal man? How dare you leave this way? How in the heck did cremation and parting gifts happen so fast? Nothing makes sense and I refuse to acknowledge Prince’s so called transition. I need more time. In the meantime, I can’t blame a project that was in the works long before Prince recent news. I can appreciate the creativity of other artists***

Bravo Beyoncé!

Where Have You Been?


Well what had happened was?

To be honest, I have no real explanation. It started as a bad case of writers block that turned into just plain lazy but then I joined a secret society of “Couponers” that has taken me from not just free movies but free products and groceries. I have a tattoo (I don’t) and a secret save money handshake. It’s serious business. It has consumed my attention. I even missed sharing with you my blogaversery celebration and my Epic celebrity sighting, Kevin Kostner!! It was a dream come true!!!



Yes!! I was this close to him!🙂

Forgive me for abandoning the blogosphere. I’ve missed you and I shall return!!

The Theory of Everything


The what of whaah?! Who?
That’s pretty much the response I get when I mention “The Theory of Everything”. Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard much about it either but I received a last minute invite to screen the movie at the newly remodeled AMC Theater, 600 north location with a brief Q&A. I jumped at the chance.

I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t know much about Stephen Hawking before this movie.
My son was away for the Columbus Day holiday so I screened it without him. Can you believe he knew more about Stephen Hawking than I did? AND he really wanted to see the movie. I thought for sure he would not be interested at all.

Stephen Hawking is a truly inspiring man. He was diagnosed with motor neurone disease when he was 21. At the time, doctors gave him a life expectancy of two years but he is still alive today.
I was blown away. Midway thru the film, you could hear a pin drop in the theater it was so quiet. Everyone was spellbound.
Stephen Hawking 👈this links to his Wikipedia page. No need to repeat his accolades because the importance lies in the brilliance of this film. (In my Wendy Williams voice)
I’ll tell ya why….It’s a Focus Feature Film and the Actors.

If you are familiar with Focus Feature films, you know they have a distinctive artsy style. The one thing I notice and not sure how, focus feature films have the ability to draw viewers completely in. The score, the beauty, I can’t put my finger on it but more often than not, you know you’re in for an emotional thought provoking adventure.

The actors almost look eerily identical.



Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones are incredible. They transform and deliver amazingly convincing performances.



Eddie Redmayne was in Chicago and available for quick Q&A after the movie. He’s an attractive guy.



I want to date this movie.
I want to walk hand and hand along the lakeshore, stay up for hours talking on the phone and have an intimate dinner for two over candlelight at one my favorite restaurants, BANDERA on Michigan Ave. I really do.

It’s worth the big screen, Redbox, Netflix and then a DVD purchase.


Rejected for the 123456826th Time!


So, I submitted an application to write for an online publication… not some big head honcho popular name publication, at least not from what I know, but once again, I was REJECTED! Did it make me feel some type of way? Absolutely… hell to the muthafreakin’ yizza! Actually, the rejection email made me feel like my material just wasn’t worth reading!

Thanks a lot, douche bags! Thanks a lot, douche bags!

I started thinking to myself, maybe I just overworked my emotions and was getting down on myself when it comes to all of the ideas that pop into my head. But I seriously thought that I was getting somewhere with this writing stuff. I mean, of course I am not the average journalist or story teller, or unbelievable writer that can mesmerize a reader right from the first word that they read, but sheesh! I love what I do. As soon as that spark…

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John Wick


I read WordPress: The Daily Post a few days ago and it caught my eye….
You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie, tell us which one that is, and what happens to you while you’re there.

I thought about a few of my favorites, Pretty Woman or Under The Tuscan Sun. I didn’t post but in my mind, I chose Midnight in Paris. I would spend the day in Paris and embark on a time travel adventure in the evening. But I’ve changed my mind….

Keanu Reeves as John Wick, is grieving the loss of his wife when Russian criminals break into his house to steal his 1969 Ford Mustang and eliminate the last gift from his late wife. Poor doggie Daisy.

I would step right into this movie for a day.
I’d have to lose about 30ish Lbs so I wouldn’t appear ready for food instead of ready for action…
I’d wear all black….
I’d get that Brazilian straight hair, black….
I’d get killer stilettos…
Jonaya Wick!
I’d be the Bonnie to John’s (Keanu’s) Clyde….
I’d spend the whole day kickin’ butt, no names, with my boo….Call me John Wick (Keanu)

I know what you’re thinking, we’ve seen this “anger-revenge” type movie before. Liam Neeson is the King of the “anger-revenge” genre but here’s what I like-love about John Wick/Keanu Reeves…

John Wick has a sense of humor even in the midst of a heart wrenching and gruesome situation…

John Wick doesn’t say much and shouldn’t have to because action speaks louder than words….

John Wick’s reputation proceeds him. What he was and who he is has already been established. He returns to the places of his past and “everybody knows his name”….

John Wick has music as a sidekick. The soundtrack has such an impact on setting the tone and enhancing the thrilling action in this movie. I’ve downloaded a few of my favs….


I’ve always believed that Keanu Reeves had that sweet simple unassuming sex appeal.
As John Wick, he appears to be an average guy with a nice car and cute little dog but underneath he’s so much more.
The mature Keanu is long, lean and in great physical shape. Those slow-mo action shots with that music was evv-errr-yyything!
“Everyone keeps asking me if I’m back. I didn’t have an answer at first but now, yeah, I’m thinkin’ I’m back!!

Yes you are, Keanu!

Of course it’s worth the big screen! I hope to see it again, rent it on Redbox then buy it and watch it over and over again.