Pine Nuts? for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Give me a moment while I towel dry.

I’ve just completed an evening swim in the deep luscious blue that is Chris Pine’s eyes. I believe that if you stare directly into them long enough, your clothes will disappear. It’s true (not true)

Chris Pine 2

Kevin Costner, the bodyguard himself, is just plain “hand” with a whole lot of “some”. I felt protected, I did.


Keira Knightley with an American accent? Not sure how I feel about that but I adore her. I expected her to do something. If you’re a fan, she often has such a powerful presence but not in this movie.

Kenneth Branagh, with his strong intimidating Russian mystique, managed to make me feel afraid yet sympathetic.

I don’t really have a personal rating system and this is not your typical movie review. I’ve simply decided to share my lust for movies and document each experience.

With that said, would I recommend you see it? Absolutely!!  Plenty of action. Might be slightly predictable but still worth the night out. Chris Pine alone is worth every $$$!!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

***Pine Nuts: members of the Chris Pine fan club***

Denyel Reed, Blogger novice


Icon Theaters, Pre-Screening via Cinemit & GoFoBo

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