Today is a Good Day to see “Ride Along” so Let me Explain….

You’ve got tickets in hand, popcorn, drinks… son prefers nachos with melted cheese. You find your seat and get ready to laugh.

Movie ends, exit screen left. BUUUUT, what if the stars of the movie stepped off the screen and right into the theater? Exciting right?!!

That’s exactly what happened at the Universal Pre-Screening  live Q&A with Producer, Will Packer, as the moderator at AMC Theaters. Yes!

029       031

I started my movie going experiences for 2014 off on a total high. It was really nice and so much fun. How the rest of my year will transpire after this event has yet to be seen but it would be a little hard to beat.

060 055

Since this is not the typical movie review, I won’t add details that would spoil your experience, however, I will say that you get what you would expect from Kevin Hart, lots of laughs and from Ice Cube, that same cool, rarely crack a smile demeanor, that is his name.

Tika Sumpter is sweet.

John Leguizamo is surprising.

Laurence Fishburne is strong.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. Ok, you won’t cry but you will enjoy your “Ride Along” with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.  I sure did!!

Thanks to Universal and AMC Theaters. I am a proud STUBS card member.


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