An Unexpected “Winter’s Tale”

It’s cold here in Chicago. People complain about the snow but I don’t really mind the snow as long as it’s at least 25 degrees and above. These single digit and negative temps make trying to get to a screening such a chore, as was the case with Winter’s Tale. I thought for sure the line would be crazy and we would not get in. Thankfully, Robocop was screening at the same time. They turned people away for that one.


I have been a fan of Colin Farrell for a long time. I think he is such a passionate actor, he can show so much emotion with just his eyes. Even as the thief, Peter Lake, in Winter’s Tale, he is so endearing. He makes me wanna wrap him up in a warm blanket and cuddle.


Jessica Brown Findlay as Beverly Penn- Peter Lake’s love, is a perfect match. Unfortunately, I did not know much about her before this film but I hope to see more of her.


Russell Crowe is so good at being bad. I’ve seen a lot of his work, he is a brilliant actor and I’m looking forward to “Noah” but I do enjoy him the most when he’s the bad guy like Pearly Soames in Winter’s Tale. He’s so intimidating.


Winter’s Tale pleasantly surprised me. I was really expecting a love story where I would maybe shed a tear, question God about my one true love, mumble under breath about being single, valentine’s day, flowers, the whole thing. However, I was surprised. Without revealing too much, there is a slight twist you may find interesting if you had not read anything about it prior. Cameo by Will Smith….I’m gonna stop there.

Happy Viewing!

Prescreening, Red Hat Society via GoFoBo, ICON Theaters

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