“Divergent” Delivers!!!


IMAX! That is all…

Maybe a little more….

I take back everything I said or thought about what my expectations were for this movie. Based solely on the previews and having NOT read the book, I completely mis-judged “Divergent”. I had it in my mind that it was a possible wannabe baby sister to the Hunger Games. Even though there are some similarities that my movie buddy son pointed out, this movie has it’s own flavor. Chicago flavah! Wha wha!


I like a fresh face. Shailene Woodley has that fresh face actress look that’s refreshing. I would believe anything she said. No seriously, I would buy a ton of Girl Scout cookies from her. I hope to see more from her. I’d love to watch her mature into an oscar winning actress.


The red carpet premiere was March 4 here in Chicago at ICON theaters. I really wanted to attend but waited until it was too late to try and get passes. However, I have to admit, I’m glad I didn’t make that premiere. First, because it was awesome seeing it at the Navy Pier IMAX theater and secondly because hottie, Theo James, was there. This type of handsome can not be seen up close and personal. I can only imagine looking into his eyes, listening to him speak and waking up a week later with a permanent grin, wondering what happened. I sure hope he is part of “young Hollywood on the rise”, there has to be more opportunities to see him on the big screen.

“Divergent” delivers! What better city as a back drop? of course I’m completely biased but it is a guuuud movie.

My reviews are not the typical critic reviews. I’m not a movie critic. More like a movie & entertainment enthusiast.
Some movies are meant to be experienced on the big screen in order to get the full enjoyment. Divergent is one of those movies.

It’s in theaters now so don’t wait for Redbox, get out there, get your popcorn, drinks, candy and enjoy!

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