Aahnoold is Back! “Sabotage”

Seems like only yesterday, Arnold, Joe and I were enjoying our time together. We watched a movie, shared a laugh or two…..then I woke up.

What wasn’t a dream was their surprise visit to Chicago on Sunday, March 2 before the screening of “Sabotage”.


“The last time I was in Chicago, I said… I’ll be back!” Opening quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Action hero legend, former governor of California here? in Chicago? in person? speaking?  [jaw drops]

I DID NOT know he was going to be at the screening and certainly DID NOT know Joe Manganiello would be with him. I would have worn my good push up bra! No, I take that back, I would have bought a brand new push up bra! Heeey Joe!! I did hear rumors last minute but I didn’t believe it.
It was really great of them to surprise the audience, such an honor.


Arnold Schwarzenegger in the tabloids with personal life on blast, not interested…Arnold Schwarzenegger action hero kicking butts and taking names, Luuuv it! and he does not disappoint as John “Breacher” Wharton in Sabotage. This character is mature, easy going, mysterious maybe yet still delivers the action.

Breachers team:

The sexy Joe Manganiello as “Grinder”


And yes a few “grinding” references do come to mind, I will keep those to myself but as you stare at his picture, please know what I’m thinking.

Terrence Howard as Sugar although not as sweet as his name suggests; Sam Worthington as Monster, I didn’t recognize him at the beginning; Mireille Enos as Lizzy, the only female; Josh Holloway as Neck and Max Martini as Pyro.

This movie surprised me. I expected cheesy but entertaining action but it was really good. It actually had my full attention trying to figure out what was going to happen next.

Ahhhhnold is definitely back with this movie.

****Sabotage in theaters this weekend, I thought I’d wear my t-shirt****


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