“A Haunted House 2” LOL 2


Did you see “A Haunted House”?? If you did, then you know what to expect…..gross humor. I saw the first one so I mentally prepared myself for more of the same but I have to say that this one may have been a little less gross and more humor. Raw humor that pushes the envelope but funny.

**Parents this movie is rated R for a reason so please beware***
I really debated about allowing my son to see it but he did see the first one and he’s a fan of Jaime Pressly. I covered his eyes a few times. Well at least I tried.


Yes….yes I was thiiiissss close.

I really love and completely admire actors, producers, directors and/or writers that actually take the time to meet and greet with fans. Q&A’s are the absolute best and if you’re fortunate enough to grab a good photo or even a selfie, awesome! This was the best Q&A yet. Marlon with Gabriel Iglesias and Affion Crockett was super funny. They looked good and even stopped to take a few pictures with the crowd. My son and I really enjoyed it.

20140412-204124.jpg  20140412-205307.jpg

Marlon Wayans is even more sexy in person than he is on TV or the big screen. He is tall and you can tell he works out. Really nice especially in this photo with my son.



I don’t normally have a rating system but I’ve decided to let you know if a movie is:

Worth the Big screen
Redbox or Netflix it
Just wait for Cable

A Haunted House 2 is worth the big screen for a twisted, good belly laugh and hot shots of Marlon’s toned bod.


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