“The Other Woman” is worth a girls night out!

This movie is so good I thought I would add the trailer. This is the ultimate chick flick! I laughed so hard, I couldn’t believe it. I fully plan to buy this movie and add it to my “top movies I would watch over and over again” collection.

I dragged my poor son to see this with me because after all he is my movie buddy. He dreaded it and completely prepared himself to fall asleep. But there were a few parts where he even chuckled. He told me not mention his thoughts in my blog for risk of losing cool points, so shhhh don’t tell.

What could be funny about a cheating husband? Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton with a Don Johnson cameo.


Incidentally, Cameron Diaz is in 3 of my top ten movies I’d watch over and over again….”Sweet Thing” and “The Holiday” are the other two. What is it about her that she seems to do comedic actress so well? I don’t know but I’m a fan.

Grab your girls, make it a girls night out or take your significant other and make it a date night! Either way you should have fun. In theaters April 25

Worth the big screen all the way!
Then watch on Redbox and Netflix
and again on cable!


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