Is Tammy real?!


Is Tammy real? I only ask because I first saw the trailer when Melissa McCarthy was on The Ellen Show a few months back. She aired a clip but I seriously thought it was a joke. I laughed but I did not think it was the trailer to a real, in the theater, buy your ticket and spend actual money movie. Go figure.

So fast forward to Monday, June 30th screening for “Tammy”. There’s a storm watch in Chicago and I thought it would be easy to get in. People will for sure stay home. I’m the only crazed movie goer to brave the storm. I’m not scared.

I barely made it in. Can you believe it? There were so many people there, I was further back in line than normal. Really?

“Tammy” stars Melissa McCarthy as a down on her luck woman on a journey to self discovery or maybe its just one long slapstick comic bit with A-list stars like Susan Sarandon, Kathy Bates and Dan Aykroyd. I’m not sure but let’s see….she loses her job, her car breaks down, husband entertains another woman and she commits robbery…..hmmm?

Don’t get me wrong, Tammy is a funny, kinda sad but comical in a sad funny way movie. There were a few laugh out loud moments but not quite sure if it’s worth the big screen. It’s in theaters now but as soon as it hits Redbox, grab it, pop some Redenbacher and…..


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