If you’re anything like me, you see Scarlett Johansson, hear Morgan Freeman’s voice and you’re 100% excited to see this movie! Weellllll………

My daughter moved to Texas after she graduated but I’m so glad she’s home to visit this week. She hadn’t even landed or put feet on the ground before I was rushing her and her friends to this screening. It was her first….awww. We had less than a few minutes but thankfully we made it in time. What does all this have to do with this review? Absolutely nothing, just wanted to share.

So Lucy…..

Scarlett Johansson is Lucy and Morgan Freeman is Professor Norman. There are some bad guys, good guys and things that fly in the air, however, I’m not even sure how to explain this movie without telling every single little detail but basically what you’ve seen in the trailer is pretty much what you get. You ever see those psychoanalytical, get inside your head, shows where they present images to the patient? They write, then ask….how do these images make you feel? Lucy is that experience. I left feeling as if I should have unlocked some childhood memory like blaming my parents for not getting me a pink bicycle when I was five. It’s the reason I’m not living up to my potential as a human being, less than 10%….ouch!

Now personally, I would say it’s not worth the big screen but totally worth a Redbox rental but of course it will no doubt be a contender at the box office this weekend!

screening July 22, ICON theaters



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