Curse the movie screening gods that made me choose Hercules in 3D at IMAX over Fluffy. Sorry Fluffy, you’re cute but it’s The Rock!

I was so distracted at work. If you asked me what I did today, I couldn’t tell you. I was secretly anticipating Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Hercules. Hey Dwayne! How you doin’? (Wendy William’s voice)

{insert Greek Mythology lesson here}
Go ahead, I can wait…..

How many times can Hercules be done?? I’ve seen countless versions. I was a huge fan of the TV series, Hercules: The Legendary Journey with Kevin Sorbo. Nonetheless, it never gets old. I always seem to watch whatever new take on this old myth the writing powers that be come up with. Ooooo…what’s going to happen next? Is he really the son of Zeus?
I need to know….these things…..but
I already know….these things.

Two thousand fourteen and I….AM…..HERCULES!!!! that’s it…
No really, that’s all. It’s only an hour and a half which practically makes it a Disney movie minus the intense violence of course. They were smart to only screen it the day before it hits the box office, REAL critics would have had a field day too far in advance. However, if you don’t take your mythology too seriously, it’s action, it’s fun entertainment and The Rock wants you to smell what he’s cooking as an emerging action hero.

Oh Hercules, I so wanted you to be worth the big screen but the movie gods have betrayed you!
Shall you have your revenge at the box office?!?!?!
U may claim victory!
If you fail, have heart, the Redbox gods have looked favorably upon you!


screening July 24, 2014, Navy Pier IMAX

***Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter and sister!!!***

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