Bags are Packed!!!

Soooo, as you know, I’m an Entertainment Enthusiast! Movies, concerts, plays etc. If I could make a living being a social butterfly, I would! Not to mention TRAVELING!! Yes! Yes!

Sadly, my last amazing trip was my HS reunion in Miami 2 years ago. I am now in desperate need of sandy beaches, “if you like Piña Coladas & getting caught in the rain” playing in the background and something fruity with umbrellas sticking out….oh cabana man!

Shout out to Hyde Park Career Academy class of 87! HPCA!! HUGS!

I’m always looking for extra ways to support my family besides my full time work as a Medical Coder, so why not add an extra stream of income doing something I enjoy, right?!


My wish has come true!

This is the link to my  TRAVEL DREAM!

White sandy beaches here I come!!!!

I’m hoping my first steps toward financial freedom will lead to many “Firsts”!

First Family trip with my Kids
First Red Carpet Premiere in L.A.
First Broadway play in New York
First Passport Stamp
First visit to my daughter in Texas

Create your own firsts!!!

Start here


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