Destination: Cozumel, Mexico 2015

Don’t listen to my sister!

The thing about my sister and I, we always have completely different versions of the same event. She say potato, I say french fries with ketchup please.

She thinks my obsession with “Rewards” programs is borderline crazy….I say, I like earning points, getting perks and discounts for things I do everyday. Show me the rewards and I’m a loyal customer!

I get a warm fuzzy feeling at the thought of earning an extra 30 points with my DD rewards app when I make a purchase after 2pm. I’m only a few points away from a FREE French Vanilla Iced Coffee.

I enjoyed quite a few hazel nut frappuccinos with caramel/hazel drizzle and my son, vanilla bean frapp with extra caramel drizzle, to become GOLD member at Starbucks. FREE drink on my birthday!

My ICON card thrills me with every discount movie and FREE refill.

And my AMC Stubs card, well, I’ve got a bonus seductively waiting, wanting me to cash it in for a FREE combo. Yes!

So of course my rewards senses started to tingle when I heard I could earn rewards and discounts on traveling. Stopped me in my tracks!!

Say what now?! How can this be true? I can google and get a good travel deal, right? Let me be honest, it’s makes my brain hurt when I try to put a vacation package together that’s affordable for my family and I. It can be overwhelming. I studied Hospitality Management so I understand the Travel & Hospitality Industry but limited in navigating the perks.

Hello YTB Travel Network!

I’ve recently become a member of the rewards of all rewards! Travel for a discount, earn as you help others receive discounts and perks while working towards a FREE trip!
Oh mama!

Destination: Cozumel, Mexico 2015!

You are welcome to find out more about the REWARDS you can earn within the YTB Travel Network and how you can join us in Cozumel, Mexico 2015!
There is a call every day this week. It doesn’t hurt to listen!

8:00pm Central
9:00pm Eastern

8:00pm Central
9:00pm Eastern

6:00pm Central
7:00pm Eastern

9:00am Central
10:00am Eastern

11:00am Central
12:00pm Eastern

1:00pm Central
2:00pm Eastern

5:00pm Central
6:00pm Eastern

access code 964950


**you don’t have to live in Chicago to participate**