Fifty Shades of Grey

Get out of my head Yonce! When you and the hubby were On the Run in Chicago, you did not stop by my place. I was only 5 minutes away, gurl.

At the end of this video, Yonce’s voice has haunted me. I know she doesn’t say this but I keep hearing uh oh uh oh you’re in trouble. So I’m wondering what I’ve done that has my guilty conscious using Beyoncé to taunt me?

Oh now I remember….

I’m probably in the minority when it comes to Fifty Shades of Grey. I attempted to read the book when it first appeared a few years ago but being a Zane fan, I found the first 2 sample chapters simple in comparison. I was never interested again even when fans of the trilogy tried to convince me to read it. I couldn’t do it.

However, I was intrigued when the trailer hit. Let’s see if the movie will be better than my sample read. At first look, it’s just as simple and a bit boring. I wasn’t impressed.

But Yonce kept taunting me so I watched it a few more times. I get it!

This simple looking trailer with its simple looking leading stars reminds me of a really good bottle of Reisling. It’s light, smooth and easy. By the time you’re done, you don’t realize how intoxicated you are until you try to walk.

Fifty Shades of a Grey in all it’s simplicity may seem underwhelming at first but I’m guessing that viewers won’t realize how tantalized they are until their trying to exit the theater.

We shall see….


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