Bring back the Pinky Ring!

I’m starting a campaign, please sign my petition below….(there’s no petition)

I notice that most of the entertainment greats from “back in the day”, wore pinky rings. The Chairman of the Board along with his Rat Pack crooners seemed to rarely photograph without their pinkies adorned. I noticed it in Jersey Boys and in the recently screened,
Get on Up! The James Brown Story

The power was/is in the pinky ring, I’m


James Brown wore a pinky ring. Can you see it? Re: photo of the movie screen above

Don’t you love a good biopic?! I do. I learn so much more about an entertainer than I knew before.

The Godfather of Soooouul!! Whachmey!! I had a good time watching Get on Up! I was on the scene with my gangstah lean and even though it’s a man’s film, it would be nothin…nothin without an awesome audience or review.


Who is Chadwick Boseman?! If you don’t know or didn’t know like I didn’t, now I do and you will too. This handsome young man stop being Chadwick trying to portray James Brown but embodied the Godfather of soul himself. He channeled his inner JB! I was more captivated by his performance than the overall film. It’s a tad bit long and jumps around but I still enjoyed watching and learning about the life of James Brown.

Jill Scott did her thang as Mrs. Deidra “Dee Dee” Brown. Hey Jill gurl! Call me.

It’s the Godfather of Soul and since you can’t stop the Funk, it definitely deserves the big screen. Please please please plan to see it this weekend! I get the feelin’ you’ll like it! (I couldn’t help it)


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