The November Man

One of my movie screening buddies kept trying to point out the obvious “maturity” of Pierce Brosnan. I was not having it. No sir. Some men get better with age. So much better. I don’t care how old he is, if he decides to star in more films, I will decide to support them.

Why you ask? Because I heart Pierce Brosnan. That is all.


“The November Man”, the January Man, December, June or whatever month you like, Pierce Brosnan as Peter Devereaux, on the big screen, yes! This movie is non-stop action from start to finish.

Confession: the whole spy game thing is a little over my head or more like not in my head at all. I can never keep up with the FSB, CIA, FBI or who’s B..A..D or G..U..D. I get L..O..S..T. I enjoy the suspense and intrigue but I don’t try to understand the politics.

Bill Smittovich as Hanley, says to Pierce Brosnan,

“We used to call you “The November Man” because nothing or no one survived after you”

That’s not a direct quote but I believe it’s their attempt to explain the title.
Buuuut, in my defense, I wasn’t the only one in the audience looking around like wha? If you happen to know exactly what that means, please enlighten me.

Hitting the theaters today, I would recommend seeing The November Man on the big screen because of the action and simply because I’m biased. Even though this movie lacks an original plot, it will keep you entertained.


The Giver Event

“The Giver” event was a nice experience. The red carpet premiere was simulcast at different movie theaters throughout the U.S. and shown on the big screen. The quality was amazing. I took pictures that almost look like I was there, except for the theater seats, I was right next to Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift and Jeff Bridges.







“The Giver” is an adaptation of the book with the same title written by Lois Lowry with Phillip Noyce and Jeff Bridges below


During the simulcast they mentioned that this movie was eighteen years in the making. When I think back eighteen years, I had a four year old and a one year old. Fast forward to 2014 and it’s my youngest daughter that has read the book and wanted to see this movie. Eighteen years ago, the premise was definitely before it’s time. However, presently and unfortunately, it follows the huge success of The Hunger Games and Divergent.

“The Giver” tells a sweet and simple story. Watching Brenton Thwaites as Jonas protect the baby Gabriel made my allergies flare for some reason. My eyes were watering, nose running…weird but perhaps without raw edginess and a continuation of its story (trilogy) that leaves it’s audience wanting more, it may get lost in the futuristic movie making shuffle. I hope not.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the experience. Live band, OneRepublic! Harvey Weinstein….Exciting!





If you were fortunate enough to view the simulcasted event, it was worth the big screen for sure but without the extras to support, you may be able to wait for Redbox with this one or read the book. I need to.


WGCI Sprite Lounge “Who is Mike Jay?”

Who is Mike Jay? I have absolutely no idea.

I saw the invite on WGCI website and thought he looks like a nice young man that MY DAUGHTER would like to meet and greet. Did I have any ulterior motives to play match maker for my baby girl up?! Of course not! wink…

She stood me up….

I decided to honor the invite so I could find out who this Mike Jay really was. He’s a cute young man and we share the same birthday.
Welcome to the June5crew Mike Jay!

MY DAUGHTER should have joined me. I’m sure she would have enjoyed him. I did. He’s made some outstanding accomplishments in the music business thus far. He’s even written for my #CougarCrush Mr. Chris Brown.




I now know who Mike Jay is!
He is very talented. He gave a great performance. If YOU don’t know who Mike Jay is, I’m believing you will very soon. He’s one to watch!!



Let’s Be Cops!

I haven’t seen a movie screened this much since Draft Day.
No, seriously, they have been screening this movie for months and now it hits theaters.
Is there anyone left that hasn’t already seen it? Just asking.

I did get the chance to experience it on the CineTransformer at Navy Pier Chicago, curtesy of @freebie_app. Pretty cool!!



The two guys from the TV show “New Girl”….
(wait, is that still on? I watched the episode with Prince. It was hilarious.)

So Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson are on hiatus from their TV show and they are sitting around,

Jake asked, “Dude you wanna make a movie?”
“A movie? About what?”
“Cops! well more like pretending to be cops”
“Sure, why not?”
“Does my dad have to pay for it?”

Blank stare….

Ok just kidding……

But those were my thoughts when I initially saw the preview for this movie. However, I will be the first to admit that this movie really surprised me.
Don’t get me wrong, it is pretty cheesy but funny. I laughed quite a bit.
Jake Johnson as Ryan was so much more than his simple character on New Girl. He was really hilarious. They also managed to add a touch of sentiment to the plot. I’m getting a life lesson? wha? wait, wha?

I like Jake and Damon, as Justin aka Officer Cheng, together. They click as an odd, dynamic comedy duo. They should consider doing more things together.

I will say it’s worth the big screen because it’s been on the big screen for months and if you happen to be one of the very few that hasn’t seen it and you want simple humor, go check it out.




Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was on my list of must see. I watched them back in the day so I was excited to see this modern version.

I will deny saying this but those turtles were somewhat oddly attractive. They were all CGI bulked up…’ funny…’ Johnny Knoxville as the voice of Leonardo? Go figure. The men behind the masks are pretty nice so I think the hotness oozed through the masks but I’m not admitting to any of this!

Megan Fox as April O’Neil, Will Arnett as some tv news helper guy and Whoopi in a wig she should never EVER wear again! Bad guys, action with a little humor. There ya go.

Not much more I can say without boring you or myself to tears but it’s worth the big screen because it’s The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

It’s a cute movie. Please don’t expect more than cute.