The November Man

One of my movie screening buddies kept trying to point out the obvious “maturity” of Pierce Brosnan. I was not having it. No sir. Some men get better with age. So much better. I don’t care how old he is, if he decides to star in more films, I will decide to support them.

Why you ask? Because I heart Pierce Brosnan. That is all.


“The November Man”, the January Man, December, June or whatever month you like, Pierce Brosnan as Peter Devereaux, on the big screen, yes! This movie is non-stop action from start to finish.

Confession: the whole spy game thing is a little over my head or more like not in my head at all. I can never keep up with the FSB, CIA, FBI or who’s B..A..D or G..U..D. I get L..O..S..T. I enjoy the suspense and intrigue but I don’t try to understand the politics.

Bill Smittovich as Hanley, says to Pierce Brosnan,

“We used to call you “The November Man” because nothing or no one survived after you”

That’s not a direct quote but I believe it’s their attempt to explain the title.
Buuuut, in my defense, I wasn’t the only one in the audience looking around like wha? If you happen to know exactly what that means, please enlighten me.

Hitting the theaters today, I would recommend seeing The November Man on the big screen because of the action and simply because I’m biased. Even though this movie lacks an original plot, it will keep you entertained.


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