Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Widget?!

#BLOGGING101 University has inspired me to take my blogging experience to the next level!



If you will just follow those cute little eyes and take a gander at my sidebar (yes I said “gander”) you will see that I’ve gone widget crazy! How exciting!

I take quite a few photos when attending events or movie screenings, especially if there are celebrity sightings. I’ve developed a CelebritySelfie habit. So fun if you can snap a good one! Sooo, what better advertisement than SHUTTERFLY and its affiliates! YAY!

I DVR and watch #TheEllenShow daily and I notice that SHUTTERFLY partners with her a lot to help change the lives of deserving individuals. I’ve shed a few tears at the featured heart warming stories.

The amazing offer below is so nice! This photo book will make an awesomely thoughtful and sentimental keepsake gift just in time for the holidays!

I’m grateful for the #Blogging101 experience! Looking to make more awesome improvements and add to the community of fabulous bloggers!


#blogging101 #assignmentwidgets

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