The Liebster Award!!!


Hey Jillian!!!!

Jillian’s Blog 👇(just because I like that hand emoji)

The Pink Panther Snipes Again!

Heeey!! We go waaay back, all the way back to you nominating me for The Liebster Award! You completely Rock!


[grabs the mic, steps behind podium, Liebster in hand]

“I’d like to thank Jillian, your bad reviews are by far the baddest….
to Mr. or Mrs. Liebster….
to my last name being Reed, thus the blog title…
to #blogging101….
to movies, popcorn, icees and raisinets and gaining 5lbs….”

When I started, I never thought a little blog from Chicago would make it this far. I’m so grateful! It started with a dream…..
[cue music]

is the mic on? (tap, tap) I still have 11 more things to say…

I was born and raised in Chicago.
I’m a borderline coffee a-holic. I really can stop anytime I want.
I crochet hats and scarves but have not had time lately
I like long walks on the beach
I am a Gemini, I am a Gemini (sign of the twins)
I’m average weight
(this is not
Oh well…
my top 3 movies are Pretty Woman, Midnight in Paris and more recently The Theory of Everything
My favorite is purple/peach combo or orange. Peach may be more of a fruit.
I was recently on the Steve Harvey show. I was in the audience, not a guest but please no autographs at this time.
I heart key lime pie.
Is that 11?, one more?
I record multiple talk shows

Let’s see…
The last time I borrowed from the library or a friend was in 1989 or 1999? Ok maybe last summer. My printer hates me so I was in the local library to print. I checked out a book just to make sure my card still worked.

I do like online quizzes but I completely heart Cyndi Lauper. In my head, we’ve met and she hearts me too.

Books: anything from The Prey series by John Sanford. I like mystery and intrigue.

My favorite cake: Carmel or Carrot, mainly because they begin with C.

The post I wrote about the “Lets Be Cops” screening. I chuckled when I wrote it and someone said they liked it, so now it’s one of my favs.

I love to laugh, I hate when I can’t

I’m not heavily into You Tube so I can’t really think of a video that always make me laugh but I did watch the “All about that Bass” video a few times. The guy doing the split, hilarious!

Of course Scandal is the hottest thing on TV at the moment. However, The Mysteries of Laura is super cool. (Shameless plug because she retweeted me) 👈

I always get pumped when I hear songs by Chris Brown, I pretend I’m a background dancer but don’t tell anyone, please!!! #cougarcrush

I haven’t updated yet but I recommend “The Theory of Everything” because it’s a beautiful film.

Did I do this correctly?! Probably not…but this has been so fun! I really am grateful! Thank you again!

I guess I better get to nominating! Need to think of questions, then update….


6 thoughts on “The Liebster Award!!!

  1. Ha ha…I love this post!
    Midnight in Paris is for sure one of my faves too. Even I loved Hemingway in that movie, and I’m not his number one fan.
    And I’m SO PUMPED for The Theory of Everything…not playing anywhere near me at the moment, but I believe in you, movie theaters of Ohio! SOMEDAY.

  2. I absolutely love how uniquely you responded to your nomination! Your answers are quite entertaining and I love your review of that Brad Pitt movie.. uhoh, how could I forget so quickly the name of the movie? Oh. I know. All that I remembered was “Brad Pitt” and that you are already predicting Oscar nominations. GREAT!

    I am ashamed that Hollywood has shunned Brad and Angie, they are tremendous ambassadors for great causes and I think they have been purposely overlooked for awarding some damn fine works, just because of how they fell in love.

    Great stuff here!

    1. Hello!
      Thank you so much for stopping by!
      Im a huge fan of Bragelina! I think there is a lot people dont know about what really happened. I remember how obvious the chemistry was during Mr and Mrs Smith. I do hope they are recognized for their humanitarian efforts. 🙂

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