Advance Screening


Interested in seeing Birdman early?!

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Redeem code CTB143

October 20, 2014 @ 7pm
Landmark Theater, Chicago North Side

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6 thoughts on “Advance Screening

      1. I’m located in Florida. I’ve always heard of early release movie screenings, but never thought to look up information on the subject. It’s great that you provide this information to your readers. Maybe one day I’ll be able to attend one. 🙂

      2. Miami and Jacksonville are the most popular in Florida. Some times they screen in FL before Chicago!
        To get you started, if you’re interested,
        Register with
        Search your zip, it will tell you the most recent screenings in your area….
        and for Florida market will give you the codes you need for gofobo. 🙂

      3. Oh wow!! Thank you so much! I will continue to check in on your blog because I have friends and family throughout the United States. Many of them don’t blog, but if it’s okay, I will share your blog with them so they too can keep track of all of your reviews and such. 🙂

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