St Vincent

St. Vincent stars Bill Murray as Vincent De Van Nuys, Mellissa McCarthy as Maggie and Naomi Wattts as Daka.

I had a choice last night Keanu Reeves or Bill Murray. You’d think it would be my handsome long time love, Keanu but I chose the classic stud, Bill Murray who has tickled my funny bone for years. For a half split second, I wondered if I had made the right choice, I did.

Here’s what I think happened….

Bill Murray asks his agent,

“What ya got for me, Marty?” (Because all agents are named Marty)

“How about working with Melissa McCarthy? you’re both from Illinois and comedians….
She’s a struggling single mom, you’re a down on your luck grumpy gambling drunk old man that helps her with her son and your girlfriend is a hooker?”

“What else ya got?”

“Fifty Shades of Grey…”

This is so not true but it would be hilarious if it was.

Vincent is sad, sloppy and looks like he has offensive body odor. Bill Murray appeared so comfortable in this role, I wondered if he showed up to set that way.
Melissa McCarthy plays the straight woman as Maggie, struggling single mom going thru a bitter divorce from her cheating husband when she moves next door to Vincent.
Daka is a pregnant “lady of the night” and has a strange relationship with Vincent. Naomi Watts had my son chuckling and asking is she was really Russian.

St. Vincent is supposed to be a comedy but is more of dramedy. I teared up. I tried to hide it so I wouldn’t lose cool points. I pretended to scratch my cheek and I held in the sniffle. It was heartwarming to see that in the end family isn’t always the one you’re born into and there are saints in disguise among us.

If your looking for a family friendly movie to catch this weekend, I’d say its worth the big screen. Stay while the credits are rolling, one of the best parts of the film. It’s Oscar season, I wouldn’t be surprised if it grabbed a nom or two.


St Vincent Tickets here!

6 thoughts on “St Vincent

  1. Hi thanks for liking my daily post 🙂
    And i’ll be watching out for this … I like Naomi Watts and I like light movies.
    Nice review.

  2. Love Bill Murray! Ha ha, I would totally watch him in 50 Shades!
    I’ve been hearing things about this movie without really understanding what it’s supposed to be about.
    Now I know! I’m hoping it’ll be playing soon somewhere near me! This is my number one issue with Ohio. I mean, besides the hell that is living in a swing state during an election year.

    1. Hey Jilian!
      I would totally watch him in 50 shades lol
      I see screenings posted in ohio as well. If youre ever interested, let me know. I will send info your way!
      Ohio is king during election, 2016 right? Hilary? 🙂

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