Finally!!! I’ve read the book before the movie! Yes! Buuuut unless I retrieve it from my stack of books in storage, I can’t remember all the details. It’s been a while but I do recall it being guuuud. I’ve remained hooked on ZANE and I’ve read several of her books. I like her style of writing, raw and intense, which is how I expect this movie to be.

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Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Widget?!

#BLOGGING101 University has inspired me to take my blogging experience to the next level!



If you will just follow those cute little eyes and take a gander at my sidebar (yes I said “gander”) you will see that I’ve gone widget crazy! How exciting!

I take quite a few photos when attending events or movie screenings, especially if there are celebrity sightings. I’ve developed a CelebritySelfie habit. So fun if you can snap a good one! Sooo, what better advertisement than SHUTTERFLY and its affiliates! YAY!

I DVR and watch #TheEllenShow daily and I notice that SHUTTERFLY partners with her a lot to help change the lives of deserving individuals. I’ve shed a few tears at the featured heart warming stories.

The amazing offer below is so nice! This photo book will make an awesomely thoughtful and sentimental keepsake gift just in time for the holidays!

I’m grateful for the #Blogging101 experience! Looking to make more awesome improvements and add to the community of fabulous bloggers!


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Gone Girl


I’m updating and I haven’t had coffee yet which is kind of unfair because I’m not sure what I might write while NOT under the influence of caffeine but here goes.

I had the opportunity to grab last minute passes to screen “Gone Girl” last night. I actually had plans to see it tonight but I thought that more of the regular screeners would be at another movie so maybe it wouldn’t be as crowded. I was wrong.

There were a lot of people. My sister, with my son, had the nerve to be late. I could barely keep their seats. People were looking at me with venom in their eyes for holding those empty seats. It seemed unnatural to them that a jacket and not a live person was occupying the spot they wanted.
I was scared.

“Gone Girl” is based on the book by the same name, written by Gillian Flynn, Chicago native. Go Gillian! Let’s do lunch!

The book made a cameo appearance on the “Scandal” season premiere. It was laying out on the beach, next to Olivia/Julie, catching some rays. {Gladiators Unite}

It’s been a highly anticipated film with Oscar written all over it. Well, maybe not all over it but it’s in small print at the bottom of the film. You have to squint to see it, but it’s there.


We see you Ben Affleck. We see you!

Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne, is happily married to Rosamund Pike as Amazing Amy Dunne, then he’s not so happily married. His wife is there one minute, gone the next. Where is that girl?
Sounds lame, I know but that’s about as much as I can say without spoilers. [hand over mouth]

I have to give a quick shout out to Tyler Perry. I’m so glad he has taken off that Madea persona, he put down the dress, put on a suit n tie and is giving TP realness. Nice.

Shame on me, I have not read the book but I wish I had. This movie has so many twists and turns. I can see myself with bloodshot eyes because I stayed up 24 hours reading it from cover to cover. My eyes were slightly bloodshot leaving the theater 4 hours later but it was worth it. Ok, maybe not 4 but close to it…..that girl was gone a long time.

Definitely worth the big screen! If by chance you miss it, grab it from RedBox, chill your favorite adult beverage, dim the lights and……



***side question: has a movie ever been made into a book? I need to google that****