John Wick (now playing on USA channel)

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I read WordPress: The Daily Post a few days ago and it caught my eye….
You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie, tell us which one that is, and what happens to you while you’re there.

I thought about a few of my favorites, Pretty Woman or Under The Tuscan Sun. I didn’t post but in my mind, I chose Midnight in Paris. I would spend the day in Paris and embark on a time travel adventure in the evening. But I’ve changed my mind….

Keanu Reeves as John Wick, is grieving the loss of his wife when Russian criminals break into his house to steal his 1969 Ford Mustang and eliminate the last gift from his late wife. Poor doggie Daisy.

I would step right into this movie for a day.
I’d have to lose about 30ish Lbs so I wouldn’t appear ready for food instead…

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The screening for this movie is being offered this week. It’s an A24 film. If you are familiar with A24, you recognize their cinematic style right away and you can expect a thought provoking film.

Where Have You Been?


Well what had happened was?

To be honest, I have no real explanation. It started as a bad case of writers block that turned into just plain lazy but then I joined a secret society of “Couponers” that has taken me from not just free movies but free products and groceries. I have a tattoo (I don’t) and a secret save money handshake. It’s serious business. It has consumed my attention. I even missed sharing with you my blogaversery celebration and my Epic celebrity sighting, Kevin Kostner!! It was a dream come true!!!



Yes!! I was this close to him! 🙂

Forgive me for abandoning the blogosphere. I’ve missed you and I shall return!!

I hate to say “I told ya so”……


I’ve got the Prince song “Controversy” playing in my head……

I remember seeing the movie poster for “The Interview” a little while ago. I saw that it was a Rogen/Franco combo and with flashbacks of “This is the End”, I knew immediately I wanted no parts of the screenings. This was before the current “controversy”. My sister asked about the screenings and if you could cut n paste my response:



Yeah that was pretty much my thoughts on screening and that was before the Sony ish hit the fan. Somehow I just knew that another Rogen/Franco combo could not be good. Funny maybe but not good. Especially after I checked the trailer. I’ll pass.